Ashman's Pioneer Market
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Chalk Creek
Corn Creek
Weekly Fishing Reports
Anglers report fair to good fishing using flashy lures, although snow is making it difficult to access the creek. (5/12)
Anglers report slow to fair fishing using nightcrawlers. Flashy lures should produce well, although snow is making it difficult to access the creek. (5/12)
Yuba Reservoir
Anglers report catching 12 to 14 inch walleye. For pike, try using minnow-imitating lures. For walleye, try using minnow-imitating lures that vibrate or rattle. Target shelves where prey species are abundant and jig about a foot off the bottom. (5/9)
Gunnison Bend
Otter Creek Reservoir
Fish Lake
The catfish are active! largemouth bass have also been reported lately. Try targeting the outlets for better chances. (5/12)
The res is almost full! Fair fishing for shore anglers and good fishing for boaters. Try both bait and trolling to see what works that day. (5/12)
The lake is ice free! Boat launching conditions are great. There is little pressure on the weekdays. For lake trout try trolling with 'bow imitating lures outside the weedlines. For splake target the weedline and jig with lures tipped with chubmeat. For 'bows troll with small lures. Shore fishing has been slow. (5/12)